The Team

Rachelle Martin / Mod R / Favorite Nonbender: Suki

What’s up y’all, I’m Rachelle! If I were a bender I would be an earthbender because people tell me I’m grounded. I prefer salty over sweet and have been in the Avatar fandom since I was a kid. I have a background in writing, literature, and publishing. You can find me on twitter at @rachellephant where I ramble about all manner of political and personal intrigue or at where I write about the intersection of gender and media, or hit me up at my personal site for more information.

Marissa Bickford / Mod M / Favorite Nonbender: Ty Lee 

Hello Friends! It’s your resident Pisces and potential waterbender. I’m Marissa and I’m factually part fish. You know I’m a qualified Avatar Scholar from my avatar tattoo and my immeasurable logged hours watching cartoons. Once a fiddle player drunkenly yelled the Avatar Theme to me in a bar and that was pretty cool. When I’m not blabbing about ATLAB, I’m a Production Assitant in reality TV. If you want to see more of my online antics, check me out on Insta @marissamation and at

Tim Lawson / Mod T / Favorite Nonbender: Sokka

Bio on the way.

Icon credit: tumblr user Kamala.