Progress Report #2

In a harrowing, exhausting dinner in a restaurant that, like ATLA, was a mishmash of many Asian cultures but primarily Chinese (I think), Marissa, Tim, and I decided to totally re-write this podcast. We will be switching from episode-to-episode discussions to discussions about the overall themes, symbols, structure, character arcs, and more surrounding the ATLA universe. What can we say? The first few episodes are just so B-O-R-I-N-G, we were starting to kind of hate each other because we were bound by spoilers.

Some new stuff to keep in mind:

  • Our podcast will no longer be spoiler-free
  • Our podcast will no longer be kid-friendly–I know this is a kids’ show, but we are adults! Some adult language will occur. Plus, if you’re reading this, you’re probably an adult by now. We know our audience.
  • Our podcast will be easier to jump around. Since we’re doing topics and not episodes, there’s no pressure to chronologically listen. Just listen as the topics interest you. Or don’t when we do something super boring.
  • I love you and I thank you for being here.

We really think you are going to like the changes, so stay tuned. First episode will be on the elements–release date TBD!

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