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Ep 08: Bracket, Part 1

Ep 08: Bracket, Part 1 Play in new window | DownloadFinally! A definitive list of the BEST episodes of ATLAB EVER, hands-down, no questions. Well maybe a few, we have a (non) waterbender in the mix so feelings could change at any moment. In this episode we narrow down our top 16 choices to a top 8 that we will debate in our next and last episode of this season! Enjoy! And crazy tweet your top ATLAB episodes at us. @3nonbenders

Episode 03: Ships, Part 1

Episode 03: Ships, Part 1 Play in new window | DownloadWe’ve done it. We talked about ships. Water Tribe canoes, Fire Nation airships, and the popular air segway — no, not that… ok… oh right, we actually just fight over who loves each other the most in A:TLA. Join the @3nonbenders team, Rachelle (@rachellephant), Tim (@limtawson), and Marissa as we low key get in a fist fight about Kataang and Zutara.

Episode 02: Animals

Episode 02: Animals Play in new window | DownloadThe 3NB (@3nonbenders) squad talks about animals in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Are animals more spiritual than humans? Can Momo see Aang in the spirit world? And what does the wolf imagery for Southern Water Tribe warriors mean when waterbenders are guided by the moon? Join Rachelle (@rachellephant), Marissa, and Tim (+ special guest Tim’s dog) for answers to these and MORE!

Episode 01: Elements

Episode 01: Elements Play in new window | DownloadThe hosts of Three Non Benders discuss the elements of the Avatar: The Last Airbender world and determine how they are all connected.


Teaser Play in new window | DownloadTHE TEASER FOR 3NB IS FINALLY HERE! We have been working so hard on this. Some may say too hard. I would definitely say too hard. But no matter–it’s here! Please enjoy, subscribe, complain, etcetera. @3nonbenders on twitter if you have feelings. See you next week!