Ep 08: Bracket, Part 1

Finally! A definitive list of the BEST episodes of ATLAB EVER, hands-down, no questions. Well maybe a few, we have a (non) waterbender in the mix so feelings could change at any moment. In this episode we narrow down our top 16 choices to a top 8 that we will debate in our next and last episode of this season! Enjoy! And crazy tweet your top ATLAB episodes at us. @3nonbenders

Episode 07: Bracket Draft

You ever wonder what The Best episode of ATLAB is? Wonder no more! We are wrapping up our first season with a bracket extravaganza! In this first part, we decide which episodes we will debate in our finale (which, in true Avatar fashion, will be in two parts). Thank you to all of our listeners and supporters over our first season, it’s been a blast. If you want to see more in Season 2 don’t forget to crazy tweet at us! Yip yip!